Madrid. That city which everybody likes. Perfect for almost any plan. However, like everywhere else, it seems a lot duller when it rains. Yet, if you’re not bothered by the rain and have the appropriate transport, you can still enjoy great days out in Madrid when it’s raining. The travellers’ favourite? Going shopping.

Best plans for rainy days in Madrid: shopping can never be overlooked

Madrid’s best shops, according to individual tastes of course, might just be in the city centre. However, exploring the city centre is not usually the best plan for rainy days in Madrid. Unless, of course, you have a car or van with driver on hand to take you where you want to go. Just say where you want to go, he’ll take you there and come pick you up when you ask. Forget about traffic jams, whether you can drive into the city centre or not, parking, transport schedules, and overloaded public transport when it rains.

Do you think these plans for rainy days in Madrid aren’t for you? Well, it is increasingly common that travellers coming to the capital call companies specialising in car with driver transport to organise these types of solutions. In the end, having that extra level of comfort, that essential extra free time, and that peace of mind will be really worth it. So, if you don’t want to miss out, it might be a good idea to check out our prices and availability for that journey to the capital you’re preparing. Don’t you think?

And surely, whatever the weather, rain or shine, you’ll absolutely love the city. And you’ll have much more free time to enjoy it.

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