Vehicle with driver rental is no longer solely for individuals looking for a unique journey experience. In fact, ever greater numbers of companies are using this service to improve efficiency in their work meetings, to instil more cohesive group dynamics, and, especially, to offer a more united corporate image.

Renting cars with drivers for startups

Startups are placing their faith in vehicle with driver rental as a way to transport their employees and specialists to meetings all across the city. Booking these services for tech events and in other industries is now commonplace. This service offers a means of transport that can be branded and guarantees the team arrive together.

In the case of our company, Ready Cars & Vans, startups view us as the perfect specialist partner because:

  • We offer minivans that can be hired with a driver as well as transporting a work team of more than 4 people in total comfort, if you select our luxury Mercedes Viano minivan rental line.
  • We have a team of professional drivers who know the city like the back of their hand and speak several languages.
  • We can offer you transport with your company’s logo.
  • You can tailor your car with driver rental booking to your daily needs and scheduled events.

Ready Cars & Vans is a company specialising in car with driver rental which has been offering its services to companies, entrepreneurs, and startups for several years and getting great reviews. Still not heard of us? Contact us for more information.

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